I Am Sorry Poems for Husband: Apology Poems for Him

Romantic apology poem to say sorry

I Am Sorry Poems for Husband: Forget those mushy quotes or the lame greeting cards. You can give your apology a whole new twist by writing a short romantic poem for your hubby. Whether it is for lying, cheating, getting angry on him or anything else that has put your marriage under strain – unleash your creativity to pen down a sweet rhyme to ask for his forgiveness. Make him his favorite meal, flirt with him and pamper him silly as you apologize. Express your love and show him how desperate you are to restore the happiness back in your relationship.


1) I harassed you

Over something so silly

I angered you

Over something so petty

I lost my wits

Over something so stupid

For no reason

I became so livid

For behaving this way

I am so sorry

I just don’t know

What came over me


2) My darling…

The word apology

Stands for many things

As you will now see

A stands for my agony

P stands for my punishment

O stands for my ordeal

L stands for my lament

O stand for my offense

G stands for my grief

Y stands for being all yours

Baby… please give me relief



3) I am sorry for hurting you bad

I am sorry for making you sad

I am sorry for playing with your ego

I am sorry for making you feel so low

I am sorry for hiding the truth

I am sorry for being so uncouth

I am sorry for everything

Please forgive me darling


4) I am sorry I made a mistake

But relationships are all about give and take

When the wife errs, the husband forgives

And vice versa, this is how a relationship lives

So please cut me some slack

And give me my happiness back

Forgive me for what I have done

My dear, I love you tons and tons


5) I will say sorry over Facebook and Twitter

To keep our relationship from becoming bitter

I will say sorry over WhatsApp and Pinterest

To make sure that our bond remains the best

I will say sorry over MySpace and Google Plus

To get your forgiveness, I will make all the fuss

I will say sorry, with tons of hugs and kisses

To prove that I am the world’s best Mrs.


6) I have set a new resolution for the year

And along with it, a new goal

I have decided to not lie to you

Whether it is in part or whole

Now that I have made you a promise

You must make me one too

You will forget everything that happened

So we can start anew

I am sorry


7) I am sorry I could not foresee

What the result of my actions would be

I was out of line, a little too naive

I let my carelessness make your grieve

I won’t stop, at just saying sorry

Actions, are what will follow my apology

I want you to see the change in me

So a smile on your face, I can finally see

I love you


8) Sorry for goofing up

I really did not intend to

Sorry for getting you so upset

I never wanted to insult you

Sorry for being so offensive

You, I never wanted to hurt

Please forgive me for being so stupid

I really didn’t mean to be curt


9) I looked at your empty side of the bed as I lay wide awake

And that is when I suddenly realized my mistake

With stupid and insignificant things, I was too busy

And surely, all this drama must have sent you in a tizzy

I just didn’t make you feel like I care

So many things with you, I didn’t bother to share

I know I deserve my fair share of punishment

But I beg you to give my apology an acknowledgement

I love you


10) My ego and my self-esteem

Can never be in the way

To apologize to you

And make you happy in every way

My self-worth and pride

Can never be a hindrance

In saying sorry to you

And making up in abundance

I will do whatever it takes

To make you smile once more

For I love you, sweetheart

From my very core

Apoloy poem to say sorry to him


11) The most genuine apology

Today I want to give

With any more anxiety

I don’t want to live

The most heartfelt confession

Today I want to make

All your forgiveness

Today I want to rake

With a lighter heart now

I want you to breathe

Because of my misdoings

I don’t want you to seethe


12) To build a relationship

It takes a lifetime and more

It is a great challenge to find

A person that you can adore

A single mistake or blunder

Will not come in my way

To destroy what’s between us

Is all that I wanted to convey



13) I am sorry for not

Taking your opinion

I am sorry that your advice

I conveniently chose to shun

I am sorry for not having

Been thoughtful about you

I take responsibility

For making you feel blue

But there’s not a single

Reason for you to worry

They way I behaved

Was just temporary


14) I am sorry, I fell way below

Your expectations

Sorry for letting you down

And causing such a complication

I promise to sort things out

And bring a resolution

Because in our loving relationship

I don’t want any interruption



15) I have a long list

Of the things that I did wrong

Take time out while reading this

It could end up being long

I am sorry for acting unreasonably

I apologize for my unforgivable behavior

I hurt the person who loves me most

And the one who is my ultimate savior

I am sorry for being fickle minded

And losing my calm so easily

Please forgive me for my mistakes

I am truly sorry, my dear hubby


16) Our fights, are just a passing gust

They can’t affect our love’s brilliant crust

Our relationship is so robust

Bound by true love, not just lust

Sweetheart, please be just

No longer, can I live in disgust

Baby, I am sorry I broke your trust

Your forgiveness, is a must

I love you


17) I didn’t meant to

Betray and cheat you

I didn’t mean to

Feign a lie as being true

I didn’t meant to

Give you a tears few

All I wanted to do

Is hide my past and start anew

I love you


18) My actions and words

Please let me explain

Otherwise you will assume things

And always keep feeling the pain

I intended to do one thing

And something different happened

I am sorry I hurt you

Even I, am left completely stunned


19) To my dearest husband

You are the best

In my life you add

So much charm and zest

It is because of you that I

Cherish every moment

If it is your care that gives me

No reason to lament

Now that I’ve said

Things about you so nice

Please forgive me

For my tiny white lies


20) I don’t want our bond to depend

On mistakes, small and lame

So let’s stop fighting with each other

And avoid playing the blame game

I don’t want our marriage to be marred

By false promises and claims that are tall

Forgive me for what I have done

I feel embarrassed, timid and small

I am sorry

Cute I am sorry poem to husband from wife

21) My apology

Is like glue

It fixes the broken

Which is me and you

Let me apply

Some of it on us

So we can make up

Without a fuss


22) Even if I scream and shout

I know it is not going to make a difference

To make you believe that I won’t

Repeat my mistake, not even once

But even then, I won’t stop

To shriek, squeal and yell

Because until you forgive me

My life is nothing less than hell



23) I took you for granted

But that is not what I wanted

I’ll do, all it takes to make you see

That it wasn’t the real me

I just got stuck into the rut of life

I let frustration create a lot of strife

But I promise, I’ll make you smile

Even if it takes a little while



24) I will use every trick

There in the book

From giving you cute gifts

To saying sorry on Facebook

I will every do single thing

That’ll make you feel better

And make you realize

That we both are forever

I will use every possible way

To say sorry not once but twice

And make sure no matter what

You forgive me for my lies


25) I am so lucky to have

A husband like you, who knows

Exactly when I falter

Because of my piling worries and woes

Sorry for keeping mum

And not sharing my pain

Sorry for keeping everything to myself

All the secrecy was in vain

But thanks for understanding

That what I did wasn’t deliberate

I am such a lucky woman

To have a wonderful man in my fate


26) My darling, my life

I am so sorry

For being rude

And for getting angry

My sweetheart, my love

We are meant to be

So this one little mistake

Please, can’t you oversee


27) You know that this is rare

And very unlikely

That I have to give you

A sincere apology

You know that this is odd

And totally unusual

It is not me but always you

In a situation so abnormal

But since I am in the wrong

I want you to be happy

And watch me apologize

While you make fun of me


28) If I could paint my life in a color

Today, it would definitely be blue

By doing that I might be able to show

How sorry I am for hurting you

No shopping, no dinners, no movies

Sit ups, pushups or the chicken dance

Pick any punishment for me

This is your golden chance



29) Today I confess

That I’ve realized in hindsight

I was utterly wrong

And you a hundred percent right

Today I admit

That I was unable to see

Your perspective, for I was

Consumed in myself totally

But now I realize

How mistaken I was

How stupid it was of me

To fight with you without a cause


30) A few bumps on the ride

A few silly glitches

A few potholes here and there

Some snags and hitches

Full of petty problems and fights

Marriages are meant to be

Please forgive me this time

Baby, I am so sorry