Inspirational Quotes for Girls: Motivational messages for young girls

Inspirational Quotes for Girls: Makeup, beauty, push-up bras, boyfriends, peer pressure… popular culture has seldom helped the idea of being a girl let alone be motivational. In a society that still has pay inequality, these myths need to be blown apart. As a teenager it is easy to let the opinions of others affect your perception of who strong you are and how beautiful you are. Girls need to feel motivated by their dreams and inspired by the sheer potential of life. It’s about time that everyone stops pitching the ‘princess’ dream to young girls and starts prepping them up to be the warriors that they’ve always been. Boardroom battles, politics, science, space, medicine, leadership – the whole world will be a better place if girls are motivated and inspired just like how boys are. Nothing wrong with being girly and looking pretty – its just that we think that there’s a lot more to life that is typically portrayed to young girls by popular culture. Enough of talk, lets get inspired!


1) Kept promises, not lies. Someone who can make you laugh, not someone who can pay your bills. Handwritten notes, not fake likes. Messy, not salon-fresh hair. Silences, not loud conversations. Old clothes, not new. Rainy nights, not summer evenings. The things in life that really matter are those that seem not to.


2) Why be a damsel in distress and wait for a prince charming when you can be a boss lady and be someone’s queen.


3) Always remember that you are hundred times more beautiful than what you see in the mirror.


4) There are no substitutes for makeup… because the only place makeup will take you is nowhere.


5) Before you feel the need to be pretty, make sure you feel the need to be right.


6) Angela Merkel – Chancellor of Germany, Theresa May – Prime Minister of United Kingdom, Melinda Gates – Co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Sheryl Sandberg – COO Facebook, Mary Barra – CEO General Motors, Susan Wojcicki – CEO YouTube, Abigail Johnson – President-CEO Fidelity Investments, Christine Lagarde – Managing Director International Monetary Fund, Ana Patricia Botin – Executive Chairman Banco Santander, Ginni Rometty – CEO IBM… these are the World’s Most Powerful Women as per Forbes’ 2017 ranking. All these women got to where they are with intelligence, strength, hard-work and following their dreams. Remind this to yourself next time popular culture tries to brainwash you into believing that a girl can’t get anywhere without heels and push-up bras.

7) If you don’t like heels, don’t wear them. If you don’t like push-up bras, don’t wear them. Don’t do anything that you don’t like. Be comfortable in your own skin… that’s the most beautiful you’ll ever be.


8) Never forget that talent and hard work will always triumph pouts and heels.


9) Never ever forget that “Does he deserve you?” is 1000 times more important a question than “Do I deserve him?”


10) We all make mistakes. Time fixes everything, as long as you’re willing to do what it takes to make your journey from nothing to everything.


11) Selfies and pouts will get you more likes, but a degree from a good college will get you a better life.


12) The day you start believing in yourself is the day magic starts to happen.

13) Be a girl who hunts goals. Be a girl who takes courageous decisions. Be a girl who values the truth. Be a girl who lives life on her own terms. Be a girl who’s empathetic. Be a girl whose dreams are big. Be all these things and more… Your life has a purpose… live it to the fullest.


14) Never compromise on two things in life – WHO and WHAT you want in life.


15) Being perfect is passé. Being real, being courageous and being strong is what will take you far in life.


16) From cute Good Mornings to sweet Good Nights, If your entire world revolves around a boy… then find something else for your world to revolve around. Something you’re passionate about. Something you want to do for the rest of your life. A college degree, a job, a business, it could be anything as long as allows you to do magical things with your life.


17) You might not make the right choice every time. But it’s ok, as long as you don’t make the bad ones again.


18) Its ok to cry. Cry, as much as you want. But when you’re done, make sure you step out like nothing happened, ready to conquer the world.

19) Perfect hair, overload of makeup, clothes so tight you can barely breathe, heels so high you can barely walk… be proud if you’re not like that. Be super proud if you’re a girl who truly believes that you don’t need to do any of that to show a guy how beautiful you are. Be proud, because you know that you’re beautiful and nothing can change that.


20) Don’t expect people to respect you until you stop expecting them to do so.


21) The girls vs boys debate is now outdated. If you’re talented and hard-working, nothing and no one can stop you from achieving all that you’ve ever wanted.


22) Why be a pretty princess and remain locked up in your prince’s whims and fancies, when you can be a strong warrior and rule the world.


23) Who needs a knight in shining armor on a horse, when you can get a job and buy a car yourself.


24) Life is not what has happened to you. It’s what you choose to be.

25) Don’t change yourself to make someone love you for what you’re not. Never ever forget that there’s someone out there who will fall in love with who you are… that’s why they’re called soul mates.


26) Not your waist, not your butt, not your bust… the only measurement you need to worry about in life is your bank balance. And that my dear, will come automatically if you study hard, get into a good college and arrive in the world like the fearless fighter that you are. Go on, the world is yours to conquer.


27) Being pretty will get you a few stares. Being strong will earn you respect.


28) Believe in yourself and let everything else be background noise. You’ll be amazed at how far a smile and a never-say-die attitude can take you in life.


29) Your life is a sum of all the choices you make. If you want life to be different, change your choices.


30) If you must be a digger, be a Goal Digger.

31) No matter what, never believe anyone who says that the size of your waist, bust and butt have anything to do with how happy you’ll be in life. It’s a myth and a complete lie. Your happiness depends on the relationships you make, the work you do and the amazing friends you spend time with. Choose them wisely.


32) Anyone who tells you to hide your flaws with makeup is either a salesperson peddling beauty products, or someone with no self-esteem at all. Remember, the only flaw you’ll ever have is to believe that you have one. We’re all perfect in our own special ways.


33) Don’t need a boy. Make a boy need you.


34) Always remember that what you see in the mirror is a thousand times more beautiful than what you think you’re seeing.


35) Remember, intelligent and strong is better than stylish and popular.


36) You could be a Princess and wait for someone to save you, or you could be a Queen and rule… the choices is yours!


37) It’s ok to hide behind a smile when you’re having a bad day… as long as you remember that it’s just a bad day, not a bad life.


38) In reality, your weaknesses are the edges that make you a diamond. If they weren’t there, you’d be as flat as a stone on the beach.


39) Stop believing in fairy tales.. there’s a reason they’re called so.


40) Good things don’t come easy… which is why it ain’t easy being a girl. But once you truly realize that nothing can stop you from chasing your dreams, you’d want it no other way.