Get Well Soon Messages for Husband: Quotes and Wishes


Get Well Soon Messages for Husband: From funny quotes to romantic words – pull out all stops to make your hubby feel better when he’s down. The doctor may have given him medicines but nothing in the whole world has a healing touch like that of love, care and family. Hugs, cuddles, kisses, wishes and more – make him feel like a king while he is recovering. Never underestimate the power of words because even the smallest dozes of inspiration can make someone find the will power to fight whatever they’re going through. Half the battle is won simply when a person has the motivation to be positive through sickness. Go on, give your hubby that love and make him look forward to a speedy recovery.


1) I’m not surprised that germs got attracted to you… hey, it happened to me too. Get well soon


2) Take as much time as you want to feel better. I guess you deserve this time out before I start annoying you again. Muah


3) Sickness comes and sickness goes. Never ever, even for a single moment, let it wipe the smile on your face and the fire in your soul. xoxo


4) You fight with me every day of your life… these tiny germs are nothing. You’ll beat the living daylights out of them in no time. Get well soon baby.


5) Ever since the day I fell in love with you, there’s never been a single moment in my life when I’ve felt otherwise. I love you now and you’ll be my bae forever, ever and ever ever ever. Get well soon.


6) Sometimes it’s the sheer WILL to feel better, that actually does the trick. Get well soon babe.


7) Doctors can say what they want. A few germs ain’t stopping me from kissin’ my hubby. Get well soon xoxo


8) Being sick gives you a lot of advantages. You have a full-time helper and that is ME. I love you babe, get well soon.

9) Sometimes all you need in life is a hot soup and a cuddle. I’m here for you baby, get well soon.


10) I don’t need anything else when I’m with you… and a few germs aren’t going to stop me! Get well soon baby.


11) The best thing about storms is that they can be weathered… and so can sickness. Get well soon.


12) The best part about falling sick is being pampered by ME. Enjoy it while you can… xoxo


13) Please take rest and enjoy this time off from being annoying. Get well soon, I love you!


14) Take your medicines but never forget that nothing works faster than my hugs and cuddles. My heart beats for not just me… but the two of us! Get well soon.


15) I hope you feel better soon… so I can start being annoying and make you feel worse. xoxo


16) You may have medicines by your bedside but the real healing starts with your family’s love… which we have in plenty! Get well soon.

17) Your smile is the most precious thing in the whole world and I’m going to do everything I can to put in back on your face. Get well soon baby.


18) Unfortunately my kisses will have to wait, until you get better. Better make that fast, because I can’t wait! Get well soon


19) If there’s one thing I’ve realized after spending all these years with you, is that you’re strong from within. Nothing can break you, and nothing ever will. Tough times will pass, get well soon.


20) Get well soon! It’s high time you stopped using sickness as an excuse to skip work around the house.


21) Sickness will come and go, but our love will always grow. We’re not just husband and wife, we’re partners for life. Get well soon.


22) I feel so jealous that it is your sickness that’s keeping you warm and snug in your blanket, and not me. I love you honey, get well soon.


23) Love is deeper than just smiles and laughs. It is the journey and the support that makes all the highs and lows worth going through. Get well soon.


24) This is just a bump on the journey. We’re going to move on from this, hand in hand, like we always have. Get well soon.

25) Life has its ups and downs but through it all, I want you to remember that you have me standing side by side, now and forever. Get well soon.


26) You can’t stop a storm, but you can weather it. Holding hands, we’re going to weather this storm until we see the silver lining. Get well soon.


27) I just want to hold your hand and be by your side through as we get through this together. All I want you to know is that I’m here for you always. Get well soon baby.


28) I hope you feel better soon…. I’m missing our daily cuddles. xoxo


29) YOU are the only sunshine in my life. Get well soon baby.


30) All I want you to know is that we’re in this together, now and forever. Get well soon baby, I love you.


31) I love it when you fall sick. It’s the only time I can fuss over you like a little baby! Get well soon xoxo


32) No medicine will work as good as my hugs and kisses. Better get started then. xoxo

33) Forget what the doctor said, I’m prescribing you an hourly dosage of my hugs and kisses. Get well soon.


34) To be honest I am happy that you’re not feeling well. When else will you let me fuss over you like a little baby? Stay like this honey, I’m loving it.


35) How dare you fall sick? Don’t you know how sad I feel when you’re not feeling well. Now get better soon so I can get over to being my happy bubbly self again.


36) Breakfast in bed, hugs and fussing over you all the time – I’m going to make sure this is the most romantic illness you’ll ever go through. Get well soon.


37) We’re not just soulmates, we’re partners in life. We’re going to get through this together, like we always have. Get well soon baby.


38) I’m not just your wife. I’m your best friend, soul mate and caregiver for life. Get well soon baby.


39) From sunrise to sunset, a happy and healthy you is the only thing in my mind and heart. Get well soon.


40) It might be you who’s fallen ill but trust me, I’m feeling down and out. The only way I’ll feel better is when I’ll see you up and about. Get well soon honey.