Get Well Soon Poems for Friends

Get Well Soon Poems for Friends: Wondering what to write on a Get Well Soon card for a friend? Well for starters, stay away from those cheesy greetings that you pick up from the stores. That’s the last thing your BFF deserves. Instead, pen down a short rhyme. It’ll be the cutest and the sweetest thing you’ll ever do! Oh and don’t think that cute quotes and funny greetings are all it takes to cheer up your mates. Sickness, injury, hospitals, fever, illness – all these scary words are a reality of life, but who said you can’t cheer things up with smiles and laughs! Friendship has the power to heal and being by your friend’s side is the only way to push through a speedy recovery. Go on, visit your friends when they’re sick and make them feel better. Hang out with them when they need you the most. After all, having friends around is often more powerful than any medicine a doctor can prescribe.


1) The doctor is wrong

And I am right

All you need

Is a hug so tight

Lean on to me

Let everything out

By your side I’ll be

Now and throughout…

Get well soon


2) As your friend

I am going to act the part too

I will do everything it takes

In sickness, to comfort you

So relax and focus on your recovery

Just rest easy and calm down

Whether it is night or day

I will always be around

Get well soon


3) Why did the germs

Have to take over your body

They could have taken mine instead

Just say the word, I’ll swap readily

I feel totally helpless right now

I can’t bear to see you suffer

Every time we speak on the phone

In pity and plight, my body withers

I guess this is a part and parcel

Of being friends with someone so sweet

I can’t wait till the day you feel better

So I can take you out for a treat

Get well soon

4) Stop complaining and whining

A little injury is all you’ve had

Stop makin’ such a big fuss

Don’t make it look that bad

Stop being such a sissy

Tough it out and be brave

I know, with all this drama

Attention is what you really crave

And yet, here I am

Giving in to your little scheme

After all, as your bestie

I gotta be on your team

Get well soon


5) The biggest benefit of having caring friends like me

Is that even in sickness, you will never feel lonely

Because I will be there for you, all the time

Whether you are bedridden or in your prime

So sit back and enjoy, the benefits of our friendship

Think of your illness, as a fun little trip

We’ll watch our favorite movies and play games

I’ll make you laugh, until it actually pains

Your friend is at your service, night to noon

Here’s hoping and wishing, that you get well soon

6) I pray for your recovery

Quick, healthy and fast

The pain will go away

Don’t worry, it won’t last

Keep the faith

Just hang on tight

Because after darkness

There is always light

Get well soon


7) From being with you all day long

To getting you your favorite movies

From calling you every single night

To sharing some of our best memories

Anything I can do to make you feel better

Just ask, please don’t hesitate

No favor is too small or too big

After all, I am your best mate

Get well soon


8) There are times when I wish

That I had magical powers

So I could heal all my loved ones

During their darkest hours

Unfortunately I am not an angel

So I don’t have a magical cure

But I will keep praying

Until your illness is out the door

Get well soon

9) I am going to summon Harry Potter

So he can cast a spell to make you feel better

I’ll call Wolverine

He will protect you from germs, slimy and green

For help, I’ll ask Batman

To cure your illness, maybe he has a plan

I might even send a text to Robin Hood

Maybe he can do something to make you feel good

How can we forget Spider-Man

He will give all the germs in your body a wham

Last but not the least, I’ll call The Hulk

He will give you strength by the bulk

And if all else fails

I, a superhero called you Friend, will prevail

Get well soon


10) Hanging out at the mall

Going to the movies

Shopping up a storm

Solving life’s quirky mysteries

Going out for a drink

Dancing the night away

Having fun sleepovers

Gossiping, night and day

All this cool stuff

Very soon, we will do

Because I am wishing

Get well soon to you!

11) While you rot away in sickness

I’m having a lot of fun, no doubt

Don’t mean to make you jealous

But damn, all you’re missing out

Ok now, I won’t rub it in

And make you feel bad

I guess you already have sickness

To make you feel sad

But then again, this might very well

Be the perfect chance, to tease

So I’m going to keep going

Until you say please!

Get well soon


12) I will constantly be in touch

With messages and virtual pokes

I will make you smile

With banter and jokes

I will keep you company

By coming over every single day

I will make you feel better

Pampering you, in every way…

Get well soon my friend


13) Every day I miss you in school

Without you, nothing feels cool

Every day I miss you in class

All I do is keep staring outside the window glass

Every day I miss you in the playground

The outdoors seem boring, with you not around

Every day I miss you, my friend

Your illness, I hope it quickly ends

Get well soon

14) Whenever you are in pain and agony

I just want you to remember me

Close your eyes and think about the times

When we created memories so sublime

That is the beauty of friendship

It comforts when your health takes a dip

Sickness comes, sickness goes

But friends like me will always be close

Get well soon


15) I don’t think you need to be wished a quick recovery

You are actually living a good life in the hospital’s luxury

Being treated by good doctors and nurses

Happily loosening, your family’s purses

Oh I am just kidding, I know you are suffering

For your well being, we are all praying

Every night as you sleep

To yourself a promise, you must keep

That you will be better with each passing day

Bright and striking, as the rising sun’s ray

Get well soon

16) There is nothing in the whole world

That is greater than Friendship’s love

As your best friend I will use my powers

To give your sickness a massive shove

You’ll start feeling better very soon

In no time, you will be up and about

As I care for you day and night

You will recover quickly, I have no doubt

I’ll sit by your bedside patiently

I’ll talk about our fondest memories

I’ll make you laugh and smile

My friend, I’ll rid you of all your worries

Get well soon


17) You and discipline

Don’t always go hand in hand

Take rest, eat well, don’t be stupid

Don’t do anything grand

Do what the doctor says

Don’t forget to take your meds

That’s the only way

You’ll cut your stay in bed

Get well soon


18) To the friend who is always smiling

To the friend who is oh so charming

To the friend who keeps me happy

To the friend who is never gloomy

To the friend who makes my world go round

To the friend who is always around

To the friend who is a part of my destiny

I wish a very speedy recovery

Get well soon

19) All the cute quotes I’ve shared about friendship

All the big claims I’ve made about being your friend

All the promises I’ve made through these years

Today I will prove, all that wasn’t just a dead end

While you are sick, I will visit you every day

I will call you and text you the funniest of messages

I will grab you some of your favorite takeout

I will be by your side through your illness’ stages

In this battle, I assure you that you are not alone

I am with you, shoulder to shoulder

You will never feel lonely, not even for a moment

Until all this is finally over

Get well soon


20) The worst part about being sick

Is that it keeps you away from friends

In life’s beautiful journey

That, is one of most cruel bends

But a silver lining in this darkness

Is that here I am, look after you

Nursing you back to health

Until you stop feeling so blue

Get well soon