I Am Sorry Poems for Wife: Apology Poems for Her

Sweet I am sorry card poem to wife from husband

I Am Sorry Poems for Wife: Whether you want your wife’s forgiveness for lying, losing your temper, shouting abuses, calling names, forgetting your anniversary or flirting with another woman – one of the sweetest ways to apologize is to write a cute poem on a greeting card. But that’s not enough. Say sorry to your wife in front of everyone by posting romantic quotes and funny messages on her Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Marriage has a quirky side because it exposes an individual’s faults, temper tantrums, temptations and insecurities. These things often make husbands and wives do silly things for which they later regret. Getting through troubled times is not a matter of fixing things and moving on in a split second. It takes days and weeks for wounds of the heart to heal. But regardless of the situation, apologizing always begins with a tender hug and a beautiful note. Start writing yours.


1) If you punish me

Let it be with a kiss

If you reprimand me

Hug me and give me bliss

If you give me an ultimatum

Let it be a loving touch

I am sorry for hurting you

I love you very much


2) I am ready to pamper you

All day long

Or carry you around the house

In my arms so strong

I’m prepared to take you out

Wherever you please

As long as our love

Is guaranteed to increase

Anything and everything

I am ready to do

On the condition that my

Apology is accepted by you



3) I want to be forgiven

By you in every way

For the crazy things

That I did these days

I want you to smile

Just like you did last week

Because your happiness

Is all that I seek

I won’t throw a tantrum

So randomly ever again

I am sorry to have

Caused you so much pain


4) Upsetting you

Wasn’t my aim

For being so nasty

I am to blame

Hurting you

Was not my choice

I apologize

For raising my voice

I am the reason

For all this mess

Sorry for giving you

All this stress


5) I messed up today

I am really sorry

Please don’t hold this

Against me for eternity

I screwed up badly

I can’t apologize enough

Please don’t worsen this

Everything’s already tough

I promise that things will

Become much better

And I will regret

My mistake forever



6) I could not control

What I was saying

I am sorry

If I upset you darling

I was moody

Which I am usually not

Please forgive me

I love you a lot


7) What a fool I am

To not be able to see

My dearest wife’s

Pain and agony

How stupid I am

To overlook

All the stress and hurt

That you took

I am sorry

For being ignorant

By forgetting something

So important


8) That woman is just a colleague

Not even barely my friend

So please put all your worries

To a complete end

You are the only one for me

My eyes are all for you

Please get her off your mind

Honey, don’t be so blue

I am sorry


9) I miss my happy wife

Who used to smile all day long

I miss my cheery companion

With whom my bond was strong

I miss my pretty girl

Whose laughter made my day

I am sorry for goofing up

Is all that I want to say


10) I need to keep

My work related stress

Out of my personal life

To avoid making a mess

I need to leave

My client related worries

Back in my office

Sweetie, forgive me please

I won’t bring my work home

Nor will I be ignorant

More than anything else

Your happiness is important

I am sorry