I am sorry poems for dad

Apology poem for dad

I am sorry poems for dad: There comes a time in every child’s life when there is an overpowering feeling of regret. This remorse can be for the way they behaved with their parents, for their immature behavior as teenagers or for any other mistakes they made along the way. This realization is the moment when a son or a daughter yearns for dad’s forgiveness. If you can relate to this, say sorry to your dad with a cute apology note that melts his heart. Write a sweet rhyme on a card and give your father a long hug as you apologize for not being the child that he deserves. Don’t procrastinate because there is nothing more a father could actually want than his children to appreciate all the sacrifices he’s made along the way.


1) The invisible cuts

That people cannot see

The pain that throbs

And hurts massively

Unseen wound and gashes

That my actions have made

The cuts of agony which will

Take a while to fade

To have given you this

Painful malady

Dear dad I am

Extremely sorry


2) I was trudging away

On the path you showed me

Then came a slight bump

Which threw me off suddenly

It made me take a different road

Than the one you suggested

In the end which left me sad

Crushed and defeated

It made me understand

Think and reflect

If I had listened to you

Life would have been perfect

Sorry dad


3) No other child in this world

Has a life, so beautiful

No other kid in this world

Has guidance, so useful

As the one given to me

By my dearest father

The man who I value

Like none other

But even then I chose

To ignore his emotions

Not thinking how it would

Affect our relations

For that I apologize

With my head bowed in anguish

Your forgiveness right now

Is the only thing I wish



4) Dear dad…

Sorry for being


Sorry for being

So neglectful

Sorry for being

So adamant

Sorry for being

So insolent

Sorry for being

So audacious

Sorry for being

So discourteous

Sorry for being


Sorry for not making

Your life special


5) The graph of my teenage years

May have been haphazard

My youth may have been

As chaotic as a blizzard

The best years of my life

I may have poured down the drain

All this time I may have

Driven you insane

But now that I’ve regained

My sense of good and bad

I promise to always make you

Happy, and never sad

I am sorry


6) You could have scolded me

Left, right and center

You could have grounded me

Or not given a bother

You could have told me

To scuttle off

You could have easily made

Fun of me with a scoff

But you did none of this

And loved me instead

After giving me some advice

Tucked me into bed

I am sorry, dear dad

For giving you trouble

I promise never to do

Things that are unacceptable


7) I love you dad

I always will

Of the perfect son, even though

I don’t fill the bill

I will respect you dad

As I always do

Even though I’m not worthy

Of being loved by you

To be a better son

I will put in full effort

Never again to you will I

Inflict any pain or hurt



8) You gave me plenty of a choice

You gave me the freedom of voice

You provided me food and shelter

You did everything to make me better

You saw to it that I was never hurt

You kept me away from the world’s dirt

You encourage me to live life my way

You never intervened with your say

In return of all this liberty

I gave you pain and misery

Sorry dad


9) The fabric of life

Is not always smooth and silky

But with my antics

I made it even rougher for you, daddy

The ride that is called life

Is not always straight and trouble free

But with my actions

I made it curvaceous and crazy

I am sorry


10) I did cause you heartbreak

But I never meant to break it

I did scar your confidence

But I promise to heal it bit by bit

I did crack your trust

By my aim never was to betray

I did keep my distance

But I never wanted to stray

My mission was not to hurt

Or to mislead and delude

I am sorry dad

I never meant to cause a feud

Sweet I am sorry poem to dad from a daughter

11) Dear dad…

Don’t write me off

Don’t label me

Don’t give me a tag

Don’t think I’m just petty

Don’t belittle me

Don’t put me in a corner

I swear I am not

A terrible daughter

I just got caught up

In being a bit too cool

I did things that made me

Seem like a fool

I am sorry


12) Please don’t think that your teachings

Have all been useless

Please don’t be led into believing

That my case in hopeless

Please don’t judge me by my actions

Or my artificial demeanor

I lost myself for a while

But now I want to be better

Sorry dad


13) You gave me the freedom to make mistakes

But I stretched it a bit too far I think

One day everything was right

And the next day it all changed in a blink

I am sorry for overestimating

My limits and my boundary

Please forgive me for my foolishness

I am really very sorry, daddy


14) You gave me your hand for support

Although not literally, I hit it and made you bleed

You gave me your embrace

But I wanted myself freed

You gave me your shoulder to cry on

But I wanted to go elsewhere

Even though you gave me everything

I thought my life was very unfair

Day in and day out

I behaved thanklessly

Daddy, I beg you please

Accept my honest apology


15) I was blinded by my friends

And all the peer pressure

But now I’ve come around

And regained my composure

Sorry to have sided my mates

Over a person like you, so wise

I regret the way I never

Heeded your advice



16) Dear dad…

People say high school is a nightmare

Can’t say that they are wrong

Even for me it has been

A battle fought hard and long

For it was that time when I too

Behaved in the craziest way

Leaving you and mom baffled

As to what you should do or say

I am sorry for making you pass

Through so much stress and panic

If you could forgive me for my immaturity

That would be fantastic


17) It is never too late to give

An apology which is generic

Although I haven’t done

Anything in specific

It’s just my way of saying

Sorry for all those moments

That might have stressed you out

Or caused you any lament

I never meant any of it

None of it was purposeful

Dad, I’m sorry if I’ve given you

A chance to be shameful


18) Dear dad..

A bucket full of gloom

A truck full of spite

A basket full of misery

A tub full of plight

A container full of hate

A pot full of life’s mess

I gave you all these things

Instead of happiness

I am sorry


19) I wish I could nurse

The wounds and pain

That I have given you

Along with disdain

I wish I could heal

With a therapeutic balm

Your anger and agony

To keep you calm

But I don’t seem to have

That effect on you any more

For my actions have left you

All bruised and sore

I apologize for

My bad behavior

Dad, to improve myself

Will be my endeavor



20) I would be expecting too much

To ask you to forgive me

After the things I have done

Having lied blatantly

But I am not wrong

To expect you to hear me out

So that I can speak in my defense

And leave in your mind no doubt

That I may have done something wrong

But I can convert it into a right

I feel very sorry

For giving you such plight

Cute poem to say sorry to your dad

21) The happiest father of the world

I wanted you to be

Instead I made you a person

Who was the most unhappy

The proudest father in the universe

I wanted you to become

Instead I did things

That were nasty and loathsome

The most blessed father

I wanted you to feel you are

Instead I made you feel

Like a fading star

For not becoming the person

That you wanted me to be

From the bottom of my heart

Dad, I am really very sorry


22) Dad…

I did what I wanted

In spite of you telling me not to

In hindsight I realized

That I should’ve listened to you

I said white lies to escape

Matters that were tricky

Pushing me into more trouble

For which I am sorry


23) Scold me as much

As you want forever

Punishing and reprimanding me

Don’t stop ever

Taunting me for my mistakes

Is what I expect you to do

That is the least amount of wrath

I expect out of you

I am sorry


24) Whether I say sorry once

Or to a count of a million

I won’t be able to take back

The bad things that I have done

To prove that I

Am a really good son

All my bad habits

I promise, I will shun



25) Dad…

Had I opened up to you

In you, had I confided

So many problems in my life

I would have abated

Had I spelt out my worries

Had I chosen to confess

I would have saved myself

And you, from this stress