I am sorry poems for friends

Sweet poem to say sorry to a friend

I am sorry poems for friends: Lies, cheating, talking behind the back, gossip and bad attitude are some of the things that can ruin a beautiful friendship. If something silly is eating away the love in your friendship, fix it by telling your friend how sorry you are. Write a cute quote on a greeting card or on a sweet handwritten note and slip it into your friend’s pocket. Reading your emotional plea will make your friend realize that stupid fights and arguments are not worth letting your friendship rot. If your bestie has been avoiding meeting you, say sorry by sending your poem by text or post it up on Facebook for everyone to see. Don’t let your bff slip away just because your ego stopped you from giving a genuine apology. Do everything you can to salvage your friendship because good friends come by only a couple of times in a lifetime.


1) It’s lonely without you

Everywhere I go

Even if there are

A bunch of people I know

It’s awkward without you

Wherever I am

I feign my personality

Putting up a sham

You have made me realize

In more ways than one

That life without you

Is really no fun

I am sorry


2) So many phone calls

All routed to voice

I feel so desperate

As if I have no choice

So many pleads I have left

On your answering machine

Not a single revert makes me

Wonder where you have been

So many text messages

Not a single reply

I think you are going to

Really make me cry

I am sorry


3) I didn’t have to fight with you

Just because we thought differently

I didn’t have to use bad words

Just because we didn’t act similarly

I didn’t have to bicker with you

Just because our opinions were diverse

Just because we had different beliefs

I didn’t have to make things so terse

I am sorry for behaving in a way

Which was selfish and immature

I am sorry for having caused a dent

In our friendship, which so pure


4) I have already painted

Your Facebook with many apologies

I have already tweeted on Twitter

Forgive me please

I have already uploaded on Instagram

Old pictures of us in sepia

Hoping that you will forgive me

Because of the sweet nostalgia

I am sorry


5) Getting angry and making up

Is the part of a vicious circle

In the lives of best friends

To each other, who are special

Saying sorry and forgiving

Is a part and parcel

Of a friendship like ours

Which is so exceptional

I am sorry


6) You angered me last time

And I said nothing

You upset me last time

And I didn’t do anything

My mistake this time around

Makes things between us even

So please forget everything

Let’s go out and have some fun

I am sorry


7) My mood swings shouldn’t be

The reason to give you mood swings too

For being so random and erratic

I want to say sorry to you

For letting my grumpiness

Rub off on your cheerful day

I am really sorry

Is all that I want to say

It’s just that I feel comfortable

In venting out what I feel

To a dear friend like you

Who helps me to quickly heal



8) To pass the day without you

Is a mighty feat

Without your phone call

No night is complete

Having lunch all alone

Without you by my side

Makes school so unexciting

It feels like a sluggish ride

So please quit being upset

Start talking to me once more

I am a changed person

All the way through to my core



9) I am pretty sure

I have confidence

I am quite convinced

I have strong assurance

That no matter what

Wrong that I ever do

I will always be

Forgiven by you



10) I hate it when someone hurts me

I hate it when someone annoys

I hate feeling pain and agony

When someone steals my joys

I wonder how I could

Do the same things to you

How I could hurt your feelings

By not seeing your point of view

For ultimately being that person

That I never wanted myself to be

For fighting with you the other day

I am really very sorry

Cute apology poem to say sorry to friends

11) To my dearest friend…

I hurt you unintentionally

But I am apologizing intentionally

I offended you accidentally

But I want to say sorry purposefully

I agonized you inadvertently

But I want to make up deliberately

Before I get eaten up subconsciously

Please accept my heartfelt apology


12) Everything is blurred

In front of my eyes

For I fear your decision

Of saying goodbyes

At no cost do I

Want that to happen

For my dearest friend

You are the only one

I will do anything it takes

To avoid that catastrophe

Please forgive me

I am really sorry


13) Nothing in this world

Can break our pair

Nothing can cause our friendship

Any wear and tear

Nothing can split us

Wide apart

Nothing can disjoin

Our hearts

To all these things

If you do agree

Then you have no option

But to forgive me



14) Be mad, all you want

But that won’t stop me

From spending time with you

And enjoying your company

Be as angry as possible

But that won’t deter me

To confide my secrets in you

And sharing things gossipy

No matter how cross you are

I won’t stop being your best chum

So why don’t you just drop your anger

And stop being so glum

I am sorry


15) The best part of knowing

A friend’s Achilles’ Heel

Is to know how to change

The way that friend feels

Of knowing likes and dislikes

There is an amazing part

You can coax them until

You eventually mellow their hearts

Your personality and your life

Because I know inside out

I will convince you to forgive me

Of that I have no doubt



16) For one moment

I totally forgot

How I have always

Liked you a lot

For one second

I didn’t remember

That we were

Friends forever

For one minute

Of my sanity, I let go

I said things that

Hurt you so bad, bro

I am sorry

Please forgive and forget

I won’t give you

Another reason to fret



17) Fifty sit-ups and a hundred bench presses

I am ready to do

To any lengths I am willing to go

That will help me convey to you

How apologetic I am right now

For talking behind your back

How disappointed I am with myself

To have secretly given you flak

Please forgive me for being

So stupid and sneaky

I will never do this again

I am very sorry


18) There are ups and downs in friendship

Just like in any relationship

Sometimes we hurt each other

It can never be perfect forever

But this isn’t my excuse

Which I am planning to use

For the mistake that I’ve committed

And the pain that I’ve inflicted

All I want to do is to say

Please forgive me, in any which way

I am sorry


19) I will force you to forgive me

No matter what

Because you are the only friend

I treasure a lot

To give me pardon

I will compel you

Because amazing friends

Like you, are very few

I am sorry


20) There was no reason for you

To bear any of my nonsense

There was no need to tolerate

Any of my false pretence

My lies and betrayal

There was no need to endure

I did all those things that were

Enough to break our bond, so pure

I am sorry for causing

In our friendship, such a dent

To inflict hurt and pain

On you, I never really meant

I am sorry poem for friends

21) You gave me a hug

I gave you a lie

You gave me happiness

I gave you a reason to cry

You gave me your care

I stabbed you from behind

You gave some advice

I gave you a piece of my mind

I am sorry for having

Given you nothing

In return for you having

Given me everything


22) Without you, I would be blind

Never be able to find my way

I would lose my direction

Each and every single day

You are like my walking aid

That helps me to stride along

You are my support

That keeps making me strong

So don’t be upset anymore

Please don’t abandon me

I miss spending time with you

My friend, I am so sorry


23) For not keeping in touch

Or not calling you often

I have no excuses

Not even one

My busy schedule

My hectic routine

Are not the reasons

I am going to feign

Life has just been

A little too crazy

I honestly forgot to call

I am genuinely very sorry


24) You better stop pretending

That you are still very cross

Or else I will show you

Who really is the boss

I know how to tickle you

And make you laugh away

I know how to maneuver

You feelings in every way

I will give you cute hugs

I will tell you the craziest gossip

I will keep texting you

Until you give your anger a skip

I am sorry


25) In friendship, there is no place for lies

Which is why what I did was totally wrong

But now I am hurting from your absence

Since the last time we spoke, it’s been too long

I don’t want anything else in the world

Except a friend like you by my side

Please talk to me again, I promise to do

Everything that makes you smile wide

I am sorry